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Checklist for TV reception. This applies to ALL caravan TV antennas (not just Saturn Antennas)
1. Are all cables properly connected? -Check your instructions that came with your antenna! Links are below for your Saturn Antennas;

Saturn OMNI 3000:



Saturn Travellers Mate:

2. Does your antenna have a booster? Is the power supply for it plugged in and turned on?

3. For the Saturn Antenna, is the amplifier (booster) indicator light on the antenna showing?

4. For all antennas that have a booster built into the antenna (including Saturn, Winegard, Antenna Tek, Jack), is 12volt or more getting to the antenna (use a Multimeter at the end of the cable that screws onto the antenna to test the voltage)?

5. When doing an automatic tune on your TV, have you checked that you have chosen AUSTRALIA as the country for the search? It is easy to confuse AUSTRIA and AUSTRALIA.

6. Are your LED lights effecting the reception? Turn them all off and then turn them on one at a time to find the offending light. See this ‘google’ search (led lights interfere with tv reception) that lists 330,000 posts on this topic.

7. Is it the fan over the stove or the fan in the bathroom that is effecting the quality of the reception? See the government page on Interference to TV reception.

8. Are you close to a phone tower? In 2014, the government changed the frequencies of TV reception and sold some frequencies to the phone companies.

From January 2015, the phone companies

started using these frequencies.

If you are within 1km of one of these towers, you could experience interference to your TV reception. It will vary between NO reception through missing some channnels to intermittent disruption (pixellation). Check here for phone towers close to you.

There is an easy $35 solution for this problem - an LTE filter. See our Blog on this topic.

10. Is it your television that does not have a “country tuner” – a sensitive tuner? See the government page on TV interference that mentions ….. reception problems are caused by deficiencies in receivers ….. as one of the possible problems.

NOTE: From our personal experience, we have compiled a list of TVs that don’t perform as well as others – on ANY antenna, not just the Saturn Antenna. Before we publish the list, we must add some explanations:-

– we are listing only the brands we have had personal experience with

– we are discussing ONLY the ‘tuner’ of the TVs – not sound, not picture.

– we cannot find any specifications in the brands that quote the type of ‘tuner’ used so there is no way of judging suitability to the traveller.

Here is our list that is far from comprehensive – there are more than 60 brands of TVs. We will add to this list as we experience others.


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