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Top Questions About Satellite TV Reception

1. Is it free? Do I have to pay a subscription?

It is totally FREE. In July 2010, the government set up the VAST (Viewer Access to Satellite Television) system for people living in areas where they cannot receive normal land-based TV reception. The VAST system is digital TV reception and took the place of the old Aurora analogue system. It was opened to the traveller in December 2010. The only thing you have to do is register the card in your box with the government every 6 months - no cost, no ongoing cost!! This is used for statistics - how many people are using the VAST system.

2. What equipment do I need?

In our satellite systems, we include all the components you

need to receive satellite TV reception - satellite dish, cable, satellite finder, compass, VAST receiver (box/decoder), instructions.

3. Is it 12volt?

Yes, we include a 12volt cable for the VAST box as we know that 99% of the time you will be using the satellite dish when you are 'free' camping.

4. Is it hard to set up?

It is different to land-based TV reception. The satellite dish must be pointed precisely at the satellite which is situated in the northern sky approximately off the tip of Papua New Guinea. We give you a compass for those inexperienced in finding the north in a new place (like me. I'm hopeless).

5. Is a compass all I need?

No, we include a satellite finder that helps to pinpoint the satellite. The finder that we include in the kit is one that has been calibrated to the C1 satellite only. Ten years ago, when we first began to sell satellite gear, the only finder on the market was one that had a needle gauge. Because it was not set up for one satellite only, it would 'beep' on any satellite in the sky. That's probably why you have heard all the horror stories of people taking hours/days to set up their satellite dish. Today's modern equipment has taken all the heartache out of the set up process. The fine tuning now takes less than 5 minutes.

6. What other settings are there apart from pointing the dish north?

There is also an angle of elevation that you need to set the dish on. In our instructions, we give you the Angle of Elevation and the Magnetic Azimuth (how many degrees east of North) for all the major towns in Australia.

7. But what if I have trouble setting it up?

We give you Peter's mobile number so you can call

for help. Peter has had 10 years' experience setting up satellite dishes all around the country - not just outside a shop door like most other sellers of satellite equipment. We use our satellite dish all the time when we travel. I hope I have given you some basic information on satellite TV reception. Are you interested in more information? Click here to go to our Satellite Page.


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