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Problem TV's

NOTE: From our personal experience, we have compiled a list of TVs that don’t perform as well as others – on ANY antenna, not just the Saturn Antenna. Before we publish the list, we must add some explanations:- – We are listing only the brands we have had personal experience with – We are discussing ONLY the ‘tuner’ of the TVs – not sound, not picture. – We cannot find any specifications in the brands that quote the type of ‘tuner’ used so there is no way of judging suitability to the traveller. Here is our list that is far from comprehensive – there are more than 60 brands of TVs. We will add to this list as we experience others. PALSONIC, KOGAN, TEAC, AXIS, CHANGHONG, TCL, CONIA, DAEWOO, DSE (Dick Smith Electronics), GRUNDIG,

Some of the brands we recommend are:-


If you are having problems getting reception try checking the cables, and also have a look at our troubleshooters guide.

If you need any help at all getting TV reception, please give us a call on 0418 741 409, we are happy to help.


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