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Small Business of the year WINNERS

With any award/recognition, there are many people to acknowledge. Believe me, there are many, many people for us to say Thank You to. Rarely do we have the opportunity to express our gratitude to all those who have been a part of the 20-year life of Saturn Antennas. So we are going to use this opportunity NOW. Thank you all - the Team, our Stockists, our Customers, our family and friends.

THE TEAM Yes, we are very excited about our award but we are just part of the team at Saturn Antennas. Peter and I want to say a huge thank you to our team that is now, as well as two other people who gave us 10 years each of outstanding service.

The team now is Tony Grant, Rob Bourne and Rebecca Conway-Jones. Without you as part of our company, we would find it impossible to operate. You are very valuable to us and we really appreciate your hard work and dedication.

To Lauri Spencer and Rodney Farr, we cannot express our gratitude for your years of service to us. You made the workplace such a happy environment with your eager willingness to adapt to whatever was asked of you. Your promptness and efficiency was remarkable. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

THE STOCKISTS Thanks to all the caravan accessory stores, TV antenna installers and all others that stock the Saturn Antenna. We appreciate you being there in the marketplace for travellers to 'touch n see' the antenna in the flesh before buying.

THE CUSTOMER You are the life-blood of all businesses. We REALLY want to say THANK YOU for your belief in an Australian Made product. Without you, we are nothing. If you see us on the road, give us a wave and a toot. If you see us at a show, call in and say HI. If you ever come to Rainbow Beach, call in for a cuppa. We love catching up to all travellers.

FAMILY & FRIENDS For your continued support and encouragement, we want to say Thank You to all our family and friends. You have applauded us in the good times and encouraged us in our down times. Thank you for being there.

And last of all, I want to say to my darling husband Thank You for designing this great antenna. Your passion for your 'baby' was contagious and made it easy for me to help you build this business to where it is today - recognised as Small Business of the Year for the Gympie Region 2017. YEEHAA!!!

Thanks everyone for helping us gain this award.


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