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Check Cabling

Again we have proved that there are cables and there are cables.

Not all cables are created equal...

Here's a perfect example of a poor quality cheap TV flylead being the difference between watching TV and watching nothing in a caravan or motorhome.

The white skinny cable is not up to the task, it is a poor quality single shielded cable and the black thicker one is RG6 quad shield cable (the industry standard for today's transmissions). Tuned with the white cable brings zero channels. Tuned with the RG6 Quad shield cable brings 30 (non pixelated) channels.

While you are checking the cables it is also a good idea to check the connections as well. Make sure the connections on the cables are nice and clean, like the second picture below. If the connections are corroded (like the first picture below) you will need to cut them off and put new connections on for the cable to work properly.

Since putting this information on our Facebook page we have had a lot of people contacting us about their problems with their cables.

Email sent to us 15 July 2017

"Thank you very much for that email tip re the quality of cables in connecting the TV to the antenna. At present we are camped at Mt Cotton Scout Camping area, and I found that I could only get 14 Channels, and they were Channel 9 and SBS. After recalling your email, I swapped the wall to TV feed cable to a better one, and found that I now could get the full range of channels, from 70 channels. Some are repeats of course, but I was amazed at the difference. The 14 turned into 70! As I said, thank you for reminding us of the need for quality in feed cables."

Like I said, not all cables are created equal and best to check your cables and connections before blaming the Antenna.


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