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Interference's with Digital TV Reception

We all thought when Digital TV came out that it would be the end to our TV reception problems...... however this is not the case.

Have you ever experienced a break up of TV reception at night that wasn't there during the day? Have you wondered what could possibly have caused it? Have you turned off a light and the break up has gone away? Ah, yes! You have guessed it.We have found that a lot of electronics can interfere with Digital TV reception including, LED Lights, Microwaves, Exhaust fans and 4G Signal.

The most common interference is with LED lights. Because you can buy so much stuff online these days, we try and look for the cheapest but the cheapest is not always better.

According to the Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA), the lights that interfere with reception do not meet the Australian standards. All LED lights that DO meet the Australian standards do NOT interfere with TV reception. It is a very hard area to police. There are thousands of importers of LED lights that do not know of this standard (or do not care).

Unfortunately, it is us, the traveller that suffers the consequences. A lot of the time, the lights are not a problem. It seems to be when the TV reception is weak that the lights have a detrimental effect. Unfortunately, there is no cure other than change the lights or turn them off. You may have also experienced the exhaust fan over the stove or in the bathroom doing the same with TV reception. Same solution, turn off the exhaust fan or the TV.

Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA) also has a YouTube video explaining the interference.

PROBLEM:- LED light interference to TV reception

SOLUTION:- turn off the light/s or change the bulb/s

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