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Are you frustrated with TV reception when you travel?

Imagine pulling into the next caravan park and putting up your TV antenna in 2 minutes and getting all the channels - NO twisting and turning....NO changing the way it sits.....


Saturn Antennas can help you. Click here....or read on.


Ask yourself.........

Are you sick and tired of buying a caravan antenna that promises "80km range" and delivering "2km range"?

Are you fed up with being told "this is the latest thing" and finding out that this "cheap" antenna does not perform?


Saturn Antennas can help you.Click here.......or read on.

Do you have an antenna that isn't working very well? Before you buy another antenna go to our Checklist for TV Reception to see if you can sort the problem. It maybe something simple.

OK. You have done the checks and you definitely want a decent antenna 'that works'?

Click here to read more about the Saturn Antennas.

Are you looking for a Caravan TV Antenna?

Look no further than this great Aussie Antenna.

Or is 12volt free camping your scene?

We have satellite TV reception for you.

Are you looking for a Boat TV Antenna?

Houseboat? Cruiser? Sail Boat?

The Saturn Antenna is ideal for you.

Are you looking for a TV Antenna for your Motorhome? Why go past the great Australian Made Saturn Antenna?

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What do customers say about us? .......

8th October 2016 Ted Jeffrey

I purchased one of your antennas and it is just the greatest. 

November 1998



1. The Saturn Antenna has been designed by a technician with 50 years of experience with TV reception - 25 of those years with helping travellers get the best TV reception.

2. When you buy a Saturn Antenna, you have access to professional help when needed.

3. Because the Saturn Antennas are made 120kms from a transmitter (right on the edge of the reception area), you can be guaranteed that the Saturn Antenna will work in country areas.


4. Every antenna is tested a number of times in the manufacturing process and just before packaging; that's why we can confidently give you a 2-year warranty.


5. We are an Australian family-owned and operated company employing Australians making Australian designed TV antennas for the Australian traveller.