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The conversion kit is a bracket that allows the traveller to replace the existing “wind-up” antenna (Winegard, Antenna Tek, Signal Commander) with the Saturn 3000 Antenna. Please note this item includes the bracket ONLY to purchase the antenna with the bracket click here.

Saturn Converter

  • The reasons most people change from the Winegard Antenna to the Saturn Antenna are:-


    1. The Saturn Antenna has 2 aerials inside its shell (1 vertical and  1 horizontal). The old Winegard is good for horizontally-transmitted TV reception BUT 45% of transmitters send the TV signal in a vertical pattern (eg., Maroochydore has horizontal reception and Noosa has vertical). The best way to pick up a vertically-transmitted signal is with a vertical antenna.


    2. The Saturn Antenna has a stronger amplifier (34dB compared to Winegard 19.5dB) so therefore when you have more challenges for the TV reception, the Saturn will work better.

    This conversion kit is used to put the Saturn Antenna on the mechanism on the roof where the Winegard Antenna/Antenna Tek/Signal Commander antenna was installed. Easy-to-follow instructions are included for the ‘handyman’ to do the conversion himself.


    NOTE: When you are buying the Saturn Antenna and you wish to use this bracket, the bracket does NOT cost extra. The Antenna comes in the box with the bracket.


    The Saturn Antenna comes with EITHER a cable pack for those mounting it on a pole OR a Conversion Kit for those changing the Winegard for the Saturn.

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