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Peter Grant from Saturn Antennas


We, the Grant family, have been working with TV antennas for a very long time. My dad was an electrician since 1937 and took great pride in his Electrical Contractors Licence number of 64, which he gave up only 10 years ago when it became too expensive to renew. He passed onto me (Peter) his great interest in electrical contracting and I served my apprenticeship under his guidance.

The birth of the Saturn Antenna……

Moving to Rainbow Beach, Qld, in 1993 was the best move we ever did because it brought me into touch with the traveller that wanted to get good TV reception. One lady wanted an “easy antenna that I can just put up – no adjusting it or pointing it”. And so in 1998, the first Saturn Antenna came “hot off the press”. In those days, we used to be excited about making 6 antennas a week; and it took all week to hand-make the fiberglass shells for 6 antennas. Today, our staff turn out more than 6 antennas before morning tea.

Saturn Antennas today…….

We have a highly skilled team of dedicated professionals who pride themselves on a quality product. All of us are committed to providing the best possible customer service to YOU, our valuable resource – to us, the customer is ‘king’.

PETER GRANT is the designer and manufacturer of the Saturn Caravan Antenna. With more than 45 years experience in the TV antenna business, you can be assured of receiving the best possible after sales service and advice. After 20 years of helping travellers with their TV reception, there is not much that Peter doesn’t know about TV antennas for the traveller.

MARGARET GRANT is the Sales and Marketing manager. With 40 years experience of owning their own business, Peter and Margaret always have the customers best interest at heart – their after-sales service is outstanding.


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