The SatKing SK-3200 is digital satellite Finder specially designed for VAST satellite TV. Being MPEG 4, the unit is 'future-proof'. Eventually, all the channels coming from the satellite will be in the MPEG 4 format (just as a few of the terrestrial TV channels are now being broadcast in the that format). The older TVs cannot get the picture on 2 of the channels of 7 - 7Flix and the racing channel. So too, the MPEG 2 satellite finders will lose their picture when MPEG 4 format is  introduced.


The SatKing SK-3200 satellite finder has been pre-programmed with the VAST paraFinders pre-set making the Finder very easy to use.

Satking Satellite Finder

  •  If the other Finders you find just say digital they are not MPEG4 so they will not last. Simply plug the unit in to the dish and use the signal level bars to align you dish and once the level bars go green and the signal beeper is sounding the dish is aligned correctly and you are on the correct satellite.


    The unit has a built in high power battery so the unit does not need to be connected to the VAST receiver to be used.



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