The Direct Connector plugs you into better pictures!
Works with any brand of antenna and retro-fits existing units!

Direct Connector

  • A Direct Connector will put an end to bad connections from corrosion and wear. Plus it banishes multiple signal-sapping joins and connections between the antenna and TV, reducing it to just the one connection.

    This all means better quality and more consistent pictures for your Satellite, Digital, UHF and VHF reception.


    The biggest problem to your antenna not working properly are the connections on the outside and inside of your caravan or motorhome.

    Here is the simple solution to that problem – eliminate those sockets.

    Once installed, the Direct Connector makes plugging in your telly a simple, fool-proof process.


    The connection to your TV is maintained when the antenna is removed. Putting the weather-resistant cap back in place, locks out dust, dirt, salt spray and water for a better connection … EVERYTIME!


    Installation is easy for anyone with a little DIY common sense, but just in case . . . we do recommend having a qualified electrician install your new Direct Connector.


    Say goodbye to signal-sapping joins and connections in your antenna system!



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